Restylane® Contour

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Restylane Contour is a highly effective hyaluronic acid (HA) cheek filler that is formulated to produce natural results. It is the only cheek filler on the market designed with XpresHAn Technology™, a unique manufacturing process that allows the product to integrate into your facial tissue naturally.

The HA that occurs naturally in our skin helps to provide fullness, elasticity, and hydration. But, it’s a fact of life, that as we get older the natural HA in our skin diminishes, and we lose midface volume and cheek definition. Aging skin loses its firmness and volume and often our cheeks can start to sag. Folds and wrinkles also begin to appear.

Restylane Contour has been designed specifically to augment our cheeks and correct deficiencies in our midface contour lines. It restores flexible facial movement and rejuvenates the natural definition of your cheeks. As a result, you will look younger, refreshed, and more attractive than ever before.

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What to Expect from Restylane Contour

The results of Restylane Contour treatments may be instant, but we often advise two sessions for the initial treatment. Most patients see immediate results as the volume the product adds to their faces smooths away lines and fills out the cheeks and face midline.

A clinical study completed in 2021 indicates that 100% of patients found the results of Restylane Contour natural-looking. Four out of five thought they looked refreshed and less tired about treatment. And 97% agreed that their general appearance improved after treatment. A previous clinical trial shows that all patients who underwent Restylane Contour treatment were perfectly satisfied with the refreshed youthful look it gave their cheeks.

About Your Restylane Contour Treatment

  • Restylane Contour uses injectable HA gel fillers to restore and maintain a more youthful-looking appearance and is approved by the FDA .
  • Your aesthetic goals, whether moderate or subtle, will determine how much cheek filler we use for treatment. We find that Contour offers more subtle natural results. We recommend Restylane Lyft for a more dramatic effect.
  • Typically, 3.8 ml or 1.9 syringes of Restylane Contour will restore cheek volume on one side of the face.
  • Most appointments last less than an hour, and there is minimal if any, recovery time.  Please refer to our pre and post-treatment instructions when getting fillers at The AgeLess Center.