$11/unit (minimum of 30 units)

The AgeLess Center provides natural-looking, fast-acting Dysport® treatments at the best prices in Atlanta. Book your appointment today, and look forward to a new you within days!

Are stubborn fine lines and wrinkles holding you back from feeling your best? Enter, Dysport®. Dysport® is used to smooth and soften stubborn fine lines and wrinkles while not altering the movement or appearance of the rest of your face. Say goodbye to unwanted lines and hello to a new you in just days!

Did you know that most facial lines are just caused by muscle contractions and repeated movements?

The fact is that you don’t necessarily get lines or wrinkles just because you are aging. Most facial lines are caused by repeated facial movements. Even younger adults can develop wrinkles in the common ‘problem’ areas, such as between the brows. As the manufacturers of Dysport® say, “Life happens, and so do wrinkles.” That’s why they developed a fast-acting toxin for quick results (just days for most clients*), and why The AgeLess Center offers it as a leading solution for fine lines and wrinkles.


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What to Expect from Dysport® Treatments

Our Dysport® treatment is fast-acting and the results look natural! Almost all users of Dysport® who have been involved in clinical trials say that the results of treatments look more natural than other leading toxins. Additionally, about 30% of patients start to notice results within 72 hours.

This makes Dysport® very popular when quick results are needed for upcoming events, as opposed to other treatments which can require a little more time to see results.

Every face is unique! Our experienced injectors can consult with you on your specific needs and provide a treatment regimen that’s perfect for you!

Facts About Dysport® & Your Treatment

  • Many patients report  noticeable results from Dysport® in about 72 hours
  • Dysport® is FDA-approved to improve the look of moderate to severe lines
  • Dysport® treatment appointments are usually quick taking under 30 minutes
  • Dysport® treatments involved minimal ‘downtime’ so you can resume your regular routine almost immediately (please see our Aftercare Instructions for Toxins here)

A fast and free consultation with one of our expert injectors can tell you if Dysport is right for you. Have questions about Dysport®, contact us online or call 404-233-5255!

Dysport vs. Botox – What to Know

dysport vs botox the ageless center

Cost, units used, protein structure, and time to visible results are the key differences between Dysport and Botox. While both are neuromodulators, Dysport and Botox have unique formulas with varying protein compositions. Botox has a protein shell that breaks down slower, while Dysport contains a milk protein that spreads more and breaks down the modulator faster, resulting in quicker results (around 7 days with Dysport compared to 14+ with Botox).

Dysport requires a larger number of units per treatment (1 unit of Botox = 3 units of Dysport). Although Dysport units are less expensive, the total treatment cost is typically the same due to the higher number of units required.

Keep in mind that you are unique, and you may find that one treatment works better for you. Some individuals who have not responded to Botox may have better results using Dysport! Schedule your consultation today to discuss this with our expert injectors.