What Our Clients Say

  • F.F

    Over the last 6 years I have been flying back to Vegas to plastic surgeons for cosmetic procedures. I tried the Ageless Center a week ago and it was the one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Their office is beautiful and their staff is professional and so attentive. Everyone from their front desk to the doctor listened to my concerns and answered all my questions as if I was the only one there! The results of my procedure were beyond my expectations. I have bruised in the past and this did not happen. I will highly recommend this place.

    Kelly V.

    I was initially a bit concerned when my friend referred me to what I regarded as a walk-in Botox clinic, especially given that I am a physician and, additionally, had never had been treated with Botox before. However, I was very pleasantly surprised. I have now been coming to the Ageless Center for over a year and remain very impressed with their service. The staff is very warm, personable, professional, and–most importantly–very skilled in delivering their various treatments. I have consistently been pleased with the results of the Botox treatment I have received, and have thus referred a number of friends (many of them savvy consumers of cosmetic enhancement procedures)–all of whom have been extremely satisfied with their treatment. At this point, I would be apprehensive about going anywhere else because I have such confidence in the skill of the clinicians here. (In fact, I threw away a Groupon I purchased for Botox at another spa because I had concerns they wouldn’t deliver the same results). Finally, the huge added bonuses are that 1) the Ageless Center offers THE most affordable rates in town, and 2) offers complete flexibility in scheduling (I often call them in the morning and ask them if I can come in over lunch. The answer is always “yes”). As I carefully consider my experience at the Ageless Center, I really can’t come up with anything negative to say.

    Mary M.

    Likewise, it’s about time I write a review for The Ageless Center, as I’ve been going there for several years now for various procedures.  I moved from California to Atlanta, thus was accustomed to excellent cosmetic services.  After a few failed attempts here in the City, I finally came across The Ageless Center.

    Everyone is professional and friendly; they really care about you as an individual and want to make sure you’re getting the right procedure done that suits you; they offer a wide variety of services, so I feel that it’s “one-stop-shopping,” I don’t have to go all over town for various procedures; they are professional and skilled at what they do; I especially appreciate Tassie, the PA, who is extremely knowledgeable, skilled and very gentle; I always get good-to-great results; they always fit me in their schedule (I always make an appointment in advance, due to my schedule); I also appreciate the office manager, Alona, who has always been very honest and helpful in offering her suggestions as to my aesthetic concerns and goals and the same can be said of Dr. Solomon; best of all, you can’t beat their prices, hands down, the best in the City and for excellent service !

    Because of the above, I’m a loyal patient.

    -Mary M.

    Maria T.

    I can’t say enough about this place. I usually don’t like it when people say “I feel like family”. It just sounds so fake, so I’ll say, “it feels like going to see an old friend”. I’ve been going here for about 8 years. I have a very unpredictable schedule, so usually my “appointment setting” (if you could call it that) is a little like “can you see me in 20 minutes?” Ha! They always go out of their way to accommodate me, and rarely has the answer been “we just can’t”. Even then they’ve always taken their time to give me some options! The specialists inspires the utmost confidence. I LOVE THIS PLACE! And all the folks there.

    — Maria T., I can’t say enough about this place…

    Stephen P.

    I have tried a few ATL offices/practitioners for botox and fillers, but haven’t found one that inspired loyalty until now. The Ageless Center did a SUPERB job! They were right on time for my apt. (refreshing) and the specialist took his time to explain all options and procedures without any up-sell BS. He clearly knows his stuff. (Honesty, I don’t understand some of the grumbles on here about service — each and everyone I spoke to was delightful.) As for results, I look 10 years younger and spent at least 30-40% less than I have at other places for the same services. I am SO glad I found them!

    –Stephen P., The Ageless Center did a SUPERB job!