Look Beautiful For the Holidays with Botox or Xeomin Treatments from The AgeLess Center

Blog and Information Updated: 11/15/2016

As another year draws to an end, you’re likely feeling old and tired. But you want to feel and look your best for the holidays.

Regardless of how young or old you are, there are some great treatments available at the AgeLess Center in Atlanta that are guaranteed to make you look and feel amazing.

But how do you know which cosmetic enhancement treatments to choose?

Cosmetic Procedures Offered by The AgeLess Center

Holiday | Skin | TreatmentCosmetic enhancement procedures available at The AgeLess Center include Botox and other FDA approved facial filler treatments, as well as procedures that will minimize wrinkles and shallow scars and add volume to the face.

  • Botox is one of the most popular treatments for minimizing and reducing wrinkles, particularly those that form on the forehead, at the corner of the eyes, and between the eyebrows. It is a quick, simple, nonsurgical procedure that will make you look younger and beautifully refreshed.
  • Xeomin is a slightly cheaper procedure compared to Botox that will also minimize wrinkles and crow’s feet, and make your skin feel lovely and smooth.
  • Radiesse fills wrinkles and is used to sculpt facial skin. The procedure helps to renew the collagen that gives volume, strength, and flexibility to the skin, making it look smoother and younger. The results of Radiesse are immediate and long lasting.
  • Juvéderm is used to add volume to the cheeks and lips and to minimize wrinkles and smile lines. Safe and effective, it has immediate results after a short 15-minute treatment.
  • Restylane is one of the best treatments for rejuvenating the skin and creating a fuller, more sensual appearance of the lips. It is particularly effective for minimizing those ugly lines that form between the corners of the mouth and nose. Results are immediate and they will last for about six months.
  • Belotero is another excellent treatment for wrinkles and fine lines. It can even minimize shallow facial scars, including acne. Although made from the same compounds used for Restylane and Juvéderm, it has a totally different formulation making it the best solution for delicate areas under the eyes and above the upper lip. It is also the best choice for those with thinner skin.
  • Perlane, like Radiesse, helps to form collagen, and in so doing will fill out wrinkles and unwanted skin lines. Like Restylane, it helps to rejuvenate the skin and will have you looking and feeling a lot younger very quickly. The results are also very natural.
  • Latisse is a treatment that has been developed for insufficient eyelashes. Working from the inside out, it makes eyelashes grow fuller and longer, and it makes them darker. It takes 12 to 16 weeks for full results.
  • Microdermabrasion is an inexpensive skin restoration procedure that takes about 30 minutes. Achieved by gentle but abrasive rubbing of the skin, the treatment removes dead skin cells, making the skin look and feel smooth and healthy. It is often referred to as a “lunch time peel.”
  • Leg veins can be the bane of anyone’s life. The AgeLess Center has a dedicated spider vein section where we treat ugly leg veins without the need for anesthesia. This minor process is simple and produces minimal discomfort. The success rate generally varies from 50 to 90 percent.

Still not sure which treatment will be best for you these holidays? Come and see us and we’ll advise. We look forward to welcoming you to our fabulous five-star facility.

A Complete Guide to Botox Treatments from TheAgeLess Center

Botox treatments have been growing in popularity for years, but no one talks about it. It’s odd considering men and women of all ages use Botox to look and feel younger.

There is no reason to feel ashamed of wanting to look your best! If more people would just talk about their treatments and share their experiences, everyone could know what to expect out of the process and achieve better results.

 The five most popular myths about Botox

If you have never had a Botox treatment before then, it can seem like a scary proposition. Especially with all the misinformation there is floating around. But keep in mind, most of these scare tactics are started by people that have never used Botox and never plan to.Botox Treatment Guide | The AgeLess Center

The following five myths are by far the most prevalent making the rounds at the moment:

  1. For optimal results, you should wait till the first wrinkles start to appear. Not true. In fact, the best use of Botox is in a preventative role. If you stop the wrinkles from forming in the first place, then you don’t give them time to cause damage.
  1. You can’t stop using Botox because all the wrinkles will come back worse than before! They may go back to how they were before the treatment, but there will be no worsening of the lines you had. Botox just stiffens the muscles under your skin to give a smooth appearance, so when they gradually relax you look the same as ever.
  1. Botox is the right choice for people of all ages. Wrinkles and facial lines are primarily the
  1. Wrinkles are not the only thing Botox works on. Smoothing out the signs of aging is only one benefit of a Botox treatment. A lot of people don’t realize that Botox can also prevent heavy sweating and in some cases, prevent depression.
  1. Botox treatments are just for the ladies! That may have been true in the beginning, but just as many men are using Botox now as women. Why should women be the only ones allowed to look and feel good? Men can benefit from Botox in countless ways. For instance, wrinkles make you look perpetually irritated so a Botox treatment will make you much more approachable.

 How does a Botox treatment from the Ageless Center benefit you?

There is just no getting around it. Botox is one of, if not the top treatment for lines and wrinkles associated with aging. If you have not been given a Botox treatment yet, you may not realize all of the benefits you will receive. These treatments:

  • Are effective non-surgical solutions to wrinkles and lines. Very few people are gifted with a flawless complexion. Most of us will need a little help to achieve the results we want, and Botox is a fantastic solution. It’s minimally invasive and can help with wrinkles in the forehead, neck and around the mouth.
  • May reduce the severity of migraine headaches.
  • Can decrease excessive sweating. When it gets hot, everyone gets a little worried about underarm sweat. Most of us can control the problem with antiperspirant, but some people aren’t so fortunate. If you experience excessive sweating and you want to avoid being embarrassed in public, then Botox can help.
  • Have been proven to lift the brow. In time, your brow may start to droop or lower. With Botox Cosmetic treatments, you can lift your brow to make your face look less tired, thus giving you a more youthful appearance.

These are just a few of the many wonderful benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments that we can help you with at The AgeLess Center. We provide the most inexpensive BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments in Atlanta at just $175.00 per treatment.

How to get the most out of your Botox treatment

Unfortunately, few people want to discuss their treatments because they prefer to keep them secret. That way, their friends and family won’t discover they “had a little work done”. This practice leads to clients coming to their first treatment without a lot of information.

One of the most important things you need to realize when you schedule your Botox treatment is that the Ageless Center can’t do it all. Our specialists are top quality professionals, but the client has to do their part to achieve spectacular results.

We asked a few of our newer clients about the questions they wished they had answers to before they came to their first appointment, and they responded with:

  • Can I do anything to reduce the risk of bruising? There are a few things you can avoid and supplements you can take to help alleviate swelling and bruising. For instance, you should skip going to the gym the same day as the treatment. It isn’t dangerous or bad for the Botox if you do go but it if you want to avoid bruising, you might want to play it safe. You should avoid using blood thinners like Aspirin, Aleve, and Motrin.
  • Can I make my Botox treatment last longer? Maybe, it depends on the person. Some studies show evidence that moving muscles you just had treated will help the Botox to last longer, but these aren’t proven. For the best results consult our specialist to create a regimen that works best for your skin.
  • Does flying in an airplane adversely affect the results of the treatment? This should have been under the myths section, but it just doesn’t come up as often as the other 5. People used to believe that you needed to lie down after treatment, or it would mess up the results. This has been proven false. You can do anything you need to do after treatment without altering the results in any way.
  • Can I get a Botox treatment that looks like it is just my natural look? Sure, people do it all the time. The trick is to avoid overdoing it. Just use a little Botox and then come back if it wasn’t quite enough. You can always add more but if you use too much, you’re stuck with it until it wears off.

If you have any more questions about your upcoming Botox treatment or you need to schedule an appointment, please give us a call.

How to get the Best from Your Botox Treatment

Botox treatments have been growing in popularity for years, but no one really talks about it. This is odd, considering men and women of all ages use Botox to look and feel younger. There is no shame in looking your best, and if more people would talk about their treatments then everyone could maximize the results!

Even the expert Botox specialists at the Ageless Center need their clients to do their part for optimum results. When asked what the most common questions their clients asked them, they responded with these:

  1. Botox Treatment Results | The AgeLess CenterHow can I get all the benefits of Botox without everyone knowing it is not my natural look? Remember that less is more. If you get less than you think you need then you can always come back and get a little more added. If you overdo it, there isn’t much you can do to correct it.
  1. Will taking a flight or leaning forward adversely affect my results? No. There used to be a myth making the rounds that you had to lie down after a treatment, but it has been proven false. You can do whatever you need to do after your treatment is finished.
  1. Can I make the Botox last longer? It’s possible. Some studies show evidence that moving muscles you just had treated will help the Botox to last longer, but these aren’t proven. For the best results consult our specialist to create a regimen that works best for your skin.
  1. Is there a way to reduce the risk of bruising? Some doctors recommend types of supplements as a natural way to alleviate bruising and swelling. Also, you may want to skip your gym visit on the day of the treatment. It isn’t dangerous or bad for the Botox if you do go but it if you want to avoid bruising, you might want to play it safe. Avoid blood thinners like Aspirin, Aleve and Motrin as well because you bruise more easily when your blood is thin. For more tips contact our Botox specialists.

If you have more questions about Botox or you would like to schedule a treatment, call the Ageless Center to speak with one of their Botox specialists today.

The Do’s and Dont’s of Skin Care

People like to joke that one day they will get old and wrinkled. Inevitably this will happen to all of us, but the health of your skin has less to do with how old you are more to do with how well you maintain a skin care regimen. As you get older your skin will gradually start to lose elasticity as it loses collagen. That can’t be helped but you can avoid certain things that accelerate the process.

If you want to keep your skin looking youthful for as long as possible then you should:

  • Skincare AgeLess CenterStop smoking – If you have ever looked at the skin of a long term smoker, it’s not good. It usually starts to take on the appearance of a wrinkled up brown paper bag, especially around the mouth. Nicotine is the second biggest cause of skin damage because nicotine constricts blood vessels which limit the amount of oxygen going to the skin.
  • Use sunscreen –Sun exposure is the number one cause of skin damage in the United States. If you live in an area that has a lot of direct sun then you need to be applying sunscreen to protect your skin.
  • Don’t tan – Even if you are young and your skin doesn’t show signs of aging yet, it will. Once you have sun damage, it can be fixed with the right treatments but they aren’t cheap so it’s better to nip it in the bud.
  • Avoid pulling your skin – Some people have a habit of rubbing their face or tugging at their ears. It doesn’t seem like much but when your skin has been bombarded by UV rays all day, it’s not a good idea to put more stress on it by rubbing.
  • Moisturize – Dry skin may not actually cause wrinkles but a good moisturize will plump your skin up enough to minimize them temporarily.
  • Have a skin care routine – Keeping your skin clean and healthy can just be done when you think about it. Set aside some time every night to take care of your skin and it will look great for years to come.

While having an excellent skin care routine will help combat some of the signs of aging, it can’t completely stop the formation of small lines and wrinkles associated with getting older.  At The AgeLess Center we provide a variety of treatment options such as dermal fillers, Botox or Xeomin treatments to help you turn back the hands of time, and stop the stubborn signs of aging.

Call at 404-233-5255 to schedule an appointment today!

Could Botox® Make You Look Younger, and Happier?

Yes, Botox® can make you look younger and feel happier but maybe not for the reasons you think. Botox® treatments will make you look younger by helping to iron out the wrinkles. When you look younger, you tend to feel better about yourself. When you feel better, other people can feel it and they respond positively toward you. But there is a more direct benefit as well.

Botox TreatmentsThink about how much of our communication is nonverbal. You can often tell with just a glance whether someone is mad, happy, sad or scared. It is all conveyed through your micro expressions and facial features. As a general guide:

  • The pinched lines between your brows can convey worry
  • The stationary lines beneath your eyes convey fatigue
  • The shallow lines above your mouth convey bitterness
  • The lines that run from the corner of your mouth to your nose convey sadness
  • The marionette lines that run alongside your mouth can convey anger

The problem is that as you age, your skin loses elasticity, so you may be conveying emotions that you are not feeling. It can make people treat you differently because they think you are angry with them when you aren’t, or depressed when you’re happy. So while Botox® can make you feel happier, it can actually make you physically look happier as well.

Botox® treatments can be used to put everything back where it belongs by preventing the contraction of muscle cells. In order to contract, nerves have to release a neurotransmitter where the nerve meets the muscle cells. The neurotransmitter then attaches to the receptors on the muscle cells, causing them to contract. Botox® blocks this process, allowing the muscles to stay relaxed.
So, if you want to look younger, feel better and make sure you are giving off the right signals, then you should look into a Botox® treatment today.