What Atlanta Botox and Xeomin Have in Common

If you’re in the market for non-surgical cosmetic enhancement that will result in a younger, more attractive you, you’ll be interested in the Botox and Xeomin treatments offered by The AgeLess Center.

Both Botox and Xeomin are fantastic cosmetic fillers that will minimize, or at very least minimize those tell-tale aging signs that inevitably appear on facial and neck skin in the form of lines and wrinkles. Our Atlanta Botox and Xeomin cosmetic procedures are very reasonably priced, with Xeomin currently costing $175 and Botox $225, which amounts to $7 versus $9 per unit. Both treatments offer great value and both promise great results.

So what else do our Atlanta Botox or Xeomin treatments have in common?

Understanding Botox and Xeomin

Botox and XeominBotox and Xeomin are both anti-wrinkle treatments that are derived from neurotoxins that affect facial muscles, restricting the movement that causes typical wrinkles and lines. These include frown and smile lines.

The active ingredient in Botox and Xeomin is Botulinum toxin (BTX) A, and both are approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as cosmetic treatments. Botox, which has been available for longer than Xeomin, is made by Allergan and Xeomin is made by Merz. Both have a range of approved medical uses in addition to their cosmetic application.

Both Botox and Xeomin are considered safe treatments.

The Wrinkles and Lines Botox and Xeomin Affect

The wrinkles and lines Botox and Xeomin are able to minimize are those that are caused by facial movements that are commonly repeated all the time. These include and facial movments that cause the skin to crease including:

  • movements of the eyebrows when we are surprised
  • frowning that creates furrows in the forehead
  • movement of our lips when we smile, that cause lines at the corners of our mouths
  • movement of muscles around our eyes, particularly when we smile, and which notoriously create crow’s feet

Of course all these facial movements involve muscles, which is why Botox and Xeomin are so effective. After treatment with either drug, your skin will feel much smoother and it will look considerably younger. One glance in the mirror and you’re guaranteed to feel refreshed!

How Long do Atlanta Botox or Xeomin Treatments Last?

Both Botox and Xeomin are temporary treatments, unlike plastic surgery which is permanent. The results of either will last for anything from three to nine months.

The upside of a temporary treatment like this is that things can’t go wrong as they sometimes do in plastic surgery.

The AgeLess Center’s Atlanta Botox or Xeomin treatements are simple and quick. There is no recovery time involved with either. Contact us if you want to look and feel younger now.

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