Skin Care Tips to Prevent Dry Skin and Aging

Now that winter is coming to a close it’s time to give your skin a little TLC. Winter is a tough time for beautiful skin due to extreme temperatures and high degrees of dryness. Left unchecked, the coldest season of the year will reign real destruction on your most precious asset. It’s fortunate that people have been dealing with this issue for centuries and have developed certain tactics that are effective and safe.

Fight Dry Skin and the Signs of Aging with These Tips

Drink Copious Amounts of Water

Skin Care Dry Skin AgingWater is a great ally in your fight against the effects of winter on your skin. Dehydration is common in the winter. People tend to ignore the need to drink vast amounts of water simply because they aren’t sweating as profusely as they would during the summer months.

Sunscreen Is a Must

Many people are tempted to ditch their sunscreen as soon as summer ends. That’s a bad move and one that should be avoided at all costs. UV rays are extremely dangerous in the winter, just as they are all year round. Using sunscreen will protect your skin even during the coldest, snowy days. This is an extra precaution that pays off with healthier, younger looking skin.

Avoid Cranking up the Heat

Don’t be one of those people who cranks up the heat indoors when it’s cold outside. The problem with this approach is that high heat makes dry air even drier. An environment like this will dehydrate you and causes your skin untold amounts of damage. Keeping the temperature at a steady rate between 68-72 degrees avoids many of the skin issues caused by extended exposure to hot, dry air.

Don’t Take Excessively Hot Showers

It certainly seems like a great idea to take a very hot shower on a cold day. It’s a quick way to warm your body warms up and elevate your mood. However, there’s a big drawback associated with using overly hot water for your shower. The hot water depletes tons of natural oils that are essential to skin health. Overly hot water robs your body of these oils and causes your skin to dry out at an alarming rate. Skipping hot showers and going with more moderate water temperatures is a way to stop this from happening.

Don’t Forget the Lip Balm

You can’t forget to protect your lips. They’re constantly exposed to the extremely cold weather and they suffer tremendously as a result. The application of lip balm provides a protective layer to help your lips avoid chapping and splitting. Protect your lips and you’ll be able to enjoy the many splendors of winter without dealing with the problem of badly chapped lips.

These simple tips can help you to replenish moisture and give you a glowing complexion. To further fight the signs of aging visit The AgeLess Center to learn more about our services such as Botox, Juvederm or Radiesse!

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