Can You Treat Laugh Lines with Botox?

A quick, incredibly effective remedy for age-related wrinkles, and facial lines caused by worry, stress, and a multitude of environmental factors, Botox is regarded as a cosmetic process. It’s much cheaper than surgery and a lot less painful.

The Botox Toxin

Can You Treat Laugh Lines with Botox?Made from a neuromuscular botulinum toxin that was originally approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a treatment for eye-muscle disorders, it is amazingly effective when used to minimize facial lines and wrinkles. The results don’t last forever, but the procedure can be performed regularly to maximize its cosmetic effects.

Botox is hugely successful in most cases when used to get rid of ubiquitous crow’s feet that form at the outer corners of our eyes, as well as common glabellar lines that are so common between the inner ends of brows. This in itself is enough to make anybody laugh, largely since smiling and laughter are common causes of these wrinkly lines in the first place! It is also used to treat wrinkles around the mouth, some of which were likely caused by smiling too – or maybe grimacing or frowning.

Botox is particularly effective in most cases for treating wrinkles that are caused by muscle movement in the facial area. These lines are usually associated with facial expressions – including laughing and smiling – and are very common around the eyes. The way it works is that the toxin weakens the muscles that make us squint and crinkle our eyes.

Because Botox only affects muscles nerves and not those that cause sensation, there isn’t a loss of feeling when patients are treated.

Botox for Medical Problems

Even though it was initially approved for a medical disorder, the FDA has approved the use of Botox for cosmetic purposes for anyone aged 18 to 65.

Interestingly, botulinum toxin was isolated for the first time in 1946, and it took four years for scientists to identify medical applications for which it could be used.

In addition to cosmetic uses, Botox is also commonly used to stop excessive sweating (known as hyperhidrosis), to control migraine headaches and muscle spasm (dystonia), as well as tension in the jaw, and other types of chronic pain.

Botox From The Ageless Center

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