Atlanta Xeomin Services Get Rid of Wrinkles and Make You Look Younger

With the reputation for the best facility in Atlanta to go to for Xeomin services, the trusted AgeLess Center in Atlanta also boasts the most affordable costs. So if you have typical aging affects on your facial skin like crow’s feet at the corners of your eyes or wrinkles on your forehead, the AgeLess Center’s Atlanta Xeomin services could be exactly what you need.

What is Xeomin?

Approved by the United States food and Drug Administration (FDA) Xeomin is a drug manufactured by Merz Pharmaceuticals for a number of issues including cervical dystonia that leads to neck pain and an abnormal head position. It is also used to treat an abnormal spasm of the eyelids, known as blepharospasm, sometimes caused by onabotulinumtoxinA, a type of Botox treatment.

Xeomin is also used to help minimize moderate to severe frown lines that form between the inside of the eyebrows of aging adults. It is not considered a permanent solution, but works very well for relatively short periods of time – up to six months. Without any doubt, Xeomin will make older people suffering from the inevitable physical effects of wrinkles feel and look considerably younger.

Currently the newest neurotoxin drug on the market that has been approved by the FDA, Xeomin is generally considered very safe. Worldwide, more than 84,000 people have been treated with it. Perhaps incredibly, the USA is the 20th country to use the drug.

Until 2012, Botox (which is a registered procedure) was regarded as the world’s most popular cosmetic anti-wrinkle, ant-ageing procedure. Xeomin uses the same active ingredient as Botox and manages to produce an effect that is smoother and produces an even better look that makes patients feel even younger.

Botulinim Toxin

Xeomin Services in Atlanta - The AgeLess CenterFDA approved since 2002, Botox relaxes the muscles that contract causing wrinkles. It’s effective and has virtually no recovery time, as the AgeLess Center’s Atlanta Botox services prove. For years Botox has been preferred to surgery – which is costly and has a high recovery time – or superficial cosmetic treatments that work for a short period of time, but really only fade wrinkle lines.

Now Xeomin gives an additional, more effective yet less invasive option to wrinkles.

Implications of FDA Approval of Xeomin

FDA approval of Xeomin is based on two clinical trials carried out in the USA. As a result, according to the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE), doctors are allowed to use it both on- and off-label to treat the facial lines and wrinkles that are treated by Botox and another drug, Dysport.

Xeomin Compared to Botox

If you are considering Atlanta Botox services or Xeomin services, you may want to compare the two options.

The AAFE draws attention to the fact that Xeomin doesn’t need to be refrigerated before it is used. It also doesn’t have anything added to the botulinum toxin type A.

According to the organization, this reduces the risks and means it is less likely that those treated with Xeomin will develop antibodies in response to attacks or so-called “foreign invaders.”

Both Botox and Xeomin show effects within a week and will last for anything from three months to six months. Despite this similarity, the AAFE warns that the two treatments should not be used interchangeably.

If you would like to use the AgeLess Center’s Atlanta Xeomin services to minimize wrinkles, contact us to make an appointment. We can guarantee that you will both look and feel a lot younger.

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