Atlanta Xeomin Services for Smooth Beautiful Skin

An FDA approved pharmaceutical product, Xeomin was originally developed to prevent various forms of spasticity, and then used to minimize frown lines that develop between the inner ends of the eyebrows. It is now also used to treat other facial wrinkles, including wrinkles that form on the forehead and crow’s feet that form below the corners of the eyes.

Doctors generally use Xeomin both on- and off-label to treat the same kinds of facial lines and wrinkles that are commonly treated using Botox. So whether you are looking for Atlanta Xeomin services or Atlanta Botox services, you will find that both have the ability to make your facial skin smoother and more beautiful.

What is Xeomin and How Does it Work?

Atlanta Xeomin ServicesTechnically a neurotoxin called IncobotulinumtoxinA, Xeomin is made from a bacteria that causes botulism, that causes muscle paralysis. While botulism as such is an infectious disease, the way it is used in Xeomin is proven to be safe. The toxins in Xeomin are used to block nerve activity in muscles where lines and wrinkles are apparent, causing a temporary decrease in the muscle activity that then effectively minimizes various facial lines.

Xeomin takes less than a week to take effect, and the results generally last for anything from three to six months.

The result is smooth, beautiful, soft, wrinkle-free facial skin.

Clinical Trials That Verify the Safety of Atlanta Xeomin Services

Several clinical trials show that Xeomin is both effective and safe, not just for getting rid of wrinkles, but also for treating the painful condition, cervical dystonia and other forms of spasticity. Also known as spasmodic torticollis, cervical dystonia causes neck muscles to contract involuntarily, making the head turn or twist to one side.

  • The results of a study published in the Journal of the Neurological Sciences in 2011, examined the use of Xeomin for treatment of cervical dystonia. The formulations used did not contain any accessory proteins, and the toxin was found to be both effective and safe.
  • In 2009 results of a study compared the routine use of Xeomin with the results of Botox previously used by the same patients. The conclusion was that both treatments could be used safely, and there was “no diffusion difference” between the two. Ultimately, Xeomin could be used safely in doses up to 840 MU. Results of this study were published in the European Journal of Neurology.
  • In 2002 study results published in The New England Journal of Medicine showed that disabling spasticity in their wrists and fingers as a result of stroke complications improved. The toxin didn’t have any major adverse effects.

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