Are You a Fan of Botox? Consider Atlanta Xeomin Treatments

When people that have no interest in health and beauty know the name of a wrinkle reducer, the manufacturer has a hit on its hands. You probably know what Botox is even if you never plan on using it but that decision might put you in the minority considering over 5.5 million people received Botox treatments last year.

Xeomin Treatments Ageless Atlanta

For years now Botox has been the big name on the market with Dysport running a close second. There aren’t that many differences between the two other than brand awareness but now there is another option. Xeomin treatments are a new way to combat wrinkles that has been steadily growing in popularity. Xeomin differs a little from Botox in the manufacturing process but those differences could mean a lot to you. For instance:

  • When Xeomin is manufactured, all accessory proteins are removed which leads to less occurrences of adverse effects than with Botox.
  • The proteins that are removed from Xeomin could be the ones that cause a buildup in resistance when using Botox.

Atlanta Xeomin treatments will give you all the natural benefits of Botox with much less chance of adverse side effects.

You will experience the same:

  • Duration – Xeomin will last around the same amount of time as Botox or Dysport would. A 12 to 16 week duration is fairly common with Xeomin so most patients will schedule two or three treatments a year to keep a natural look.
  • Delay – Atlanta Xeomin treatments are not like a dermal filler so you will not see the effects right away. You will start to see some changes in two to three days but it will take five to seven days to reach its full effect.
  • Results – In just a few days, you will start seeing your frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines soften and disappear. Your skin will look smoother and younger after the Xeomin has been in your system for about a week.
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