5 Common Myths About Botox

Since it is one of the most popular treatments available, you have probably heard about Botox. Even people that have never used Botox know that it is a way to minimize wrinkles. But just like any other popular product, a lot of misinformation has grown up around it as well. If you are interested in Botox and you want more information about its use, call our Atlanta Botox specialist. It never hurts to get specific information from a professional so that you won’t fall for these 5 common Botox myths:


  1. Only women use Botox. Not true, in fact, many men have started using Botox treatments. There is nothing unmanly about looking your best. A lot of men use Botox to feel better about themselves and of course, look good for the ladies. On men, wrinkles can make you look permanently angry so Botox will make you seem more approachable.
  1. Botox is only good for wrinkles. Some people have the mistaken impression that Botox is a purely cosmetic treatment but it has multiple uses. For instance, it can be used to help prevent depression or stop heavy sweating.
  1. All ages can benefit from Botox treatments. Wrinkles and facial lines are generally a result of frequent muscle movement. It is possible to benefit from preventative Botox treatments starting as early as 25 but before that, the odds are low that you could have built up enough lines to worry about.
  1. Once you stop using Botox, all your wrinkles come back worse than ever. Nope. They may go back to how they were before the treatment but there will be no worsening of the lines you had. Since Botox just stiffens the muscles under the skin to give a smooth appearance, once they gradually relax, you look the same as ever.
  1. It is best to use Botox when the first lines start to appear. It actually works to your benefit to get preventative Botox treatments. That way you don’t give the lines time to etch themselves too deeply into your skin.

Botox is a great treatment for both men and women to achieve younger and healthier looking skin. At The AgeLess Center we provide affordable Botox treatments to help prevent and stop the signs of aging.  Call ahead to schedule and appointment that suits your needs.

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